“Al otro lado” is an exhibition and also a multidisciplinary project of artistic education where the knowledge of the world we inhabit is deepened. It includes black and white woodcuts, and a series of works made in collaboration with children of kindergarten and primary school in several schools in the Region of Murcia. The idea for the project came in 2006 from a fragment of the novel “El lápiz del carpintero”, by Manuel Rivas, when one of the characters says: “The only good thing about borders are the clandestine passages. It is tremendous what an imaginary line can do, drawn one day in his bed by a king in his bed, or drawn on the table by the powerful like someone playing poker”.

“On the other side”, plunges us into a reality marked by the largest movement of human masses in history and by one of the darkest eras in the history of mankind. An era in which borders are closed, refugees are deported or crammed into internment camps and in which the devastating effects of globalization and wars have only encouraged these flows of people.