."The Main Exhibition". Centro Cultural Palacio Brancovan .5th International Experimental Engraving Biennial (V Bienal Internacional de Grabado Experimental de Bucarest (Rumania). Del 8 de diciembre de 2012 al 28 de febrero de 2013. Curator Richard Noyce "THE PRESIDENT". Punta seca sobre tabla (38x38cm) e intervención manual "EN LA CUERDA FLOJA". Punta seca sobre tabla (38x38cm) e intervención manual "ME VOY". Punta seca sobre tabla (38x38cm) e intervención manual Moises Yagües’s work reflects on the human condition, social problems and the ‘state of the world’. Artistic pessimism? It’s possible… The intent of Yagües to embarrass and even to make the viewer feel awkward, to ask questions, is used ironically. His characters are the representation of the discomfort and contradiction that they have to live with, a symbol of despair that has been installed in our society and that is treated by the artist in a simple but uncompromising way. Characters that look into the abyss, bodies in free fall, characters trapped on an island, tightrope walkers and climbers who barely remain in balance, people who look for other people and look for themselves, people who have lost all hope. Moises Yagües tells little stories through his images and graphic works, situations in his life or his inner world that develop through his drawings in a naïve and curiously recreational world containing its own language of symbols. The smooth painted faces show everyday topics but also social or political topics in a fresh, new, and at the same time ironic, way. This irony is never funny, but serves as a critical stimulus. Small worlds full of ideas open before the eyes of the viewer, kind in their use of colour, and also wanting to be taken seriously. To Yagües, ‘the works do not speak, but invite the sharing of emotions. I understand art as a way of thinking about life, about what is around us. I speak of that which I know and things that worry me.’ http://www.plataformadeartecontemporaneo.com/pac/ana-soler-y-moises-yagues-seleccionados-en-la-5%C2%AA-bienal-de-arte-ieeb5/ https://www.laopiniondemurcia.es/murcia/2013/01/04/moises-yagues-asoma-abismo-bienal-ieeb5-bucarest/448127.html