This group exhibition by Spanish artists Miguel Villarino, Ana Alberca, Marina Anaya, Eva Poyato and Moises Yagües pays tribute to original prints and art editions by showcasing a variety of printing techniques in use today. Art editions make seemingly inaccessible works of art accessible without compromising their originality.
To Print or not to Print, a group exhibition featuring works by several Spanish artists using the fine art print as media to express their art.
As we encounter each of the artists works, we are able to discover and appreciate many of the different printing techniques used today, from the most plain and old ones, such as the woodcuts of Miguel Villarino, through the lithographies of Manel Anoro, the drypoints of Ana Alberca and etchings of Marina Anaya, to the mixed techniques that combine many different ones and use new materials to obtain unseen effects by Moisés Yagües and Eva Poyato.
All of these artists have used and currently use other media to produce their art. However, to some, original prints are only a smaller part of their creations, whereas to others, they constitute their main body of work. But sure, in both cases they must have asked themselves: to print or not to print?
In a world where originality and uniqueness are considered the most precious qualities of collectors’ items, art editions appear as a mid point between these, allowing art to be at the reach of young collectors who start immersing themselves in this arena. Art editions have contributed since they appeared in history, and still do, to make the works of great masters, renowned artists and emerging ones more accessible so that art in general be more accessible….. without giving up the originality of each work.
With this show, EV Gallery pays tribute to original art prints and re-opens its gallery in a new space after three months of pause.